Victor Ehikhamenor

“I am from Africa. I am an African artist. I have no identity crises, I know where I come from” (Egbedi).

“Home Sweet Home” by Victor Ehikamenor

Victor Ehikamenor is a renowned visual artist, writer, and photographer.  His work has been featured in various galleries and museums around the world.  His art has been everywhere, from the runways of fashion shows to the covers of numerous novels.  In addition to fame as an artist, Ehikamenor is a published author.  In 2002 he released a collection of poetry, Sordid Rituals.  He released a satirical book of articles about life in Nigeria, Excuse Me!, in 2012.

“Woman in Trance” by Viktor Ehikamenor

Ehikamenor was born in Udomi-Uwessan, Edo State, Nigeria.  As a young boy, he was influenced by shrines he saw in his local community.  Ehikamenor was raised in a creative family; most impressionably, his mother was an artist and his grandmother a cloth weaver.  His official website states that “he draws influences from traditional African motifs and religious cosmology” (Ehikamenor).  He received a BA English and Literature from Ambrose Ali University in Ekpoma, Nigeria in 1991.  In 2004 he received a MSc Technology Management and in 2008 a MFA from the University of Maryland.  He split his time between Lagos and Maryland but has been residing in Lagos since 2008.

Untitled” by Victor Ehikamenor

Cover photo from this source.

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