Liz Ingabire

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Early Life

Liz Ingabire was born in Uganda and later moved to Rwanda because the Amin and Oboete regime was too dangerous to live in. In Rwanda she and her two sisters were separated from her parents and became orphans. Here, Liz and her two sisters encountered the Rwandan Genocide and struggled with the warfare and killings happening around her. Protecting her two sisters, Liz and her small family made it through the devastating time in Rwanda. Being raised in orphanages and refugee camps, Liz became self motivated to become successful and support her two younger siblings. Liz’s motivation brought her and her two sisters through college and she was supported on scholarships and jobs she had picked up. Due to her driven personality and intelligence, Liz became a professor at Kigali Independence University in Rwanda almost immediately after getting her degree in Communications.


Today, Liz is the school director at an organization called Hope Haven Rwanda based out of Kigali. Her role is to influence not only the children and visitors, but also the community the school is based out of. She goes around to the different homes within the community and mentors the parents of the children. Her job is to help the parents understand why education is important and necessary in the children’s lives. Sometimes this can be tricky because the parents are not educated and do not see the need to spend money on the education of their children. However, some parents cannot afford to send their children to school. Hope Haven has a special program that allows the parents to work on the grounds of Hope Haven in return for their children’s education and Liz oversees all of this activity. To learn more about Hope Haven Rwanda click here.

urlLiz also works for another non-profit called Arise Rwanda ministries. Here, she is the vice president and has a major role in the production of this organization. Arise Rwanda focuses on bringing clean water to the community of Boneza in Rwanda, education to the children, and help develop the economy. To find out  more about Arise Rwanda and the kind of work they are doing please click here.static1.squarespace


For more information please watch this video filmed by Abbey Pint which focuses on the life of Liz Ingabire and her journey with Hope Haven Rwanda specifically.

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