Arthur Zang

Arthur Zang is a computer engineer from Cameroon, and an inventor of innovative medical technology.

Arthur Zang– Credit: Arthur Zang Twitter account

Background and Early Life

He was born in Mbankomo Cameroon, on November 26, 1987, making him 29 years old today. He attended the polytechnic school of Yaounde, a public University in Yaounde, Cameroon. During his college education, he worked in the local hospital for career training and he came across a medical problem in Cameroon. He noticed that there were only 30 cardiologists in all of Cameroon, a country with roughly 20 million people.

The Cardiopad

This problem led to Arthur Zang’s notable work; his invention of the Cardiopad, a touch screen medical tablet that makes it possible to give heart examinations in rural areas. He invented the Cardiopad when he was 24 years old. The pad transfers results wirelessly to specialists in urban areas who are able to examine patients from rural areas with out them needing to travel to an urban city, allowing for a much more affordable treatment option as it replaces any need for travel. The Cardiopad is the first medical touch screen in Africa. This allows for many more treatment opportunities in Cameroon despite the small number of Cardiologists in the country, because heart examinations can be made faster and can be sent to cardiologists further away. The pad sends cardio signals through cell phone networks in less than 30 minutes, where cardiologists then perform the examination and send back a report of the patient’s results digitally. The function of the Cardiopad is explained more thoroughly by the inventor himself in this TedTalk.

“Dr. Ndjomo Mba, director of the hospital of Mbankomo and Arthur Zang testing the Cardiopad with patient Jean Abada.” -Credit: CNN

Arthur Zang was able to fund the work on his project through posting on Facebook and gaining attention of the government in Cameroon, who provided him with 30,000$ of funding making it possible for him to create Himore Medical, a small firm that helps carry out the creation and distribution of his medical tablet. The devices are now distributed to hospitals and clinics in Cameroon for free and are being sold in India, Nepal, and Gabon.

Recognition and Future Plans

Zang was awarded the 2015/2016 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation, and he is not done inventing. He has plans for more medical technologies such as cheaper ultrasound equipment and a beeper to distribute to those in rural areas of Cameroon that would give people the ability to alert doctors during medical emergencies. Cameroon, and the world, can expect many advancements to come with this innovative computer engineer making steps in the world of medical technology.


“Arthur Zang wins the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation- Credit: Marc Arthur Zang Facebook account.”  -Credit: InsAfrika

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