Luol Deng as a Laker ( click here for source )


Luol Deng was born on April 19, 1985 in South Sudan. His father was on the Sudanese Parliament and during the the Second Sudanese Civil War his whole family relocated to Egypt. In Egypt he met former NBA player named Manute Bol. Manute Bol came from the same Dinka ethnic group as Deng’s family. Bol taugh Luol Deng and his older brother how to play basketball. Luol’s family then moved again to London when their political asylum was granted. In London he then further excelled in playing basketball and got various Most Valuable Player ( MVP ) awards. The family then moved again to America when he was 14 years old. In America he was recognized by Duke University and got the opportunity to further continue his education and basketball career with a full ride scholarship. In the year of 2004 he was then saw as an outstanding player and got drafted to the NBA draft by the Phoenix Suns.



Life In America:

As a 6’9 player, playing in the NBA he still was able to achieve the NBA ALL Rookie First Team even with suffering a season ending wrist injury. Just recently in the year of 2016 he was able to sign a seventy-two million dollar contract with the Los Angeles Lakers for four years.

Dang with a Los Angeles Lakers Jersey (click here for source )



Luol Deng created his own foundation located in various parts of the world including Juba,South Sudan and  Brixton, London. The foundation provides an opportunity to make a difference in the individual lives of children who don’t have the privilege to be able to play. He creates buildings with basketball courts and gives children the opportunity to be taught by Professional USA coaches and meet Professional NBA players such Chris Paul. He created a partnership with the NBA called the Deng Academy.

Here is the attached foundation website of Luol Deng.


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