Mathew Byamungu




Featured Photo: Mathew Byamungu, courtesy of The Habari



Methodist missionary Mathew Byamungu was born in Tanzania. He was left in an orphanage right after he was born and was later adopted by German missionary parents. This experience made him think about who Jesus is, and what should he do. He was a good student when he was a teenager. He wanted to study more in University and major in Religious Studies, but he did not have enough money to attend. Therefore he mailed many colleges, universities, and churches around the world to ask for financial aid. 1981, Immanuel Church in South Korea, which is the second biggest church in South Korea, supported him. Pastor Kim, provided him food, shelter, and money to study. He did not disappoint pastor Kim, and he graduated from Christian University in only 3 years. Also, he met his wife Jae-young Ryu in Korea, she was his interpreter and Korean tutor. Then he went back to Tanzania in 1984 as a missionary with her.


Featured Photo: Mathew Byamungu, with is wife Jae-young Ryu, the award for proud of a missionary in Korea.(자랑스러운 선교대상)



Mathew Byamungu built more than 30 churches in Tanzania, and he has more than 2,500 parishioners every week in his church. He lost one eye because an armed robber broke into his church.

Also, he founded a Christian college in Arusha, Tanzania. He wants everyone to have a chance to study. He is currently the director of Tanzania Methodist Church. His lecture in the following video takes place in Korea.

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Featured Photo: Mathew Byamungu, courtesy of The Habari


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