Dr. Charles Mully

Philanthropist Dr. Charles Mully is a man of grit, hard work and determination. He was made this way because of his upbringing. Charles was born on January 7, 1949 in Kangundo, Kenya. Growing up he had always been pretty independent, this was most likely because he was the first born of eight and was abandoned by his mother at and early age, while his father was an alcoholic. Throughout his life Charles had always resented his father because of his choice to indulge in drinking to a point where it became unhealthy and selfish.  While attempting to get out of poverty Charles worked several miscellaneous jobs such as taxi driving and doing house work around a wealthy woman’s house that he later owned. While acquiring wealth slowly, but surely Charles surprisingly had a resentment towards homeless people. He believed since he struggled and never had help that others did not need help. This left a man with a hardened heart.

Charles Mully with his Lovely wife.

Later in life Charles had come across a life changing situation. Some young homeless hooligans had stolen his Cadillac and sold it for parts. After this Charles heart had hardened and he had loathed the homeless because of this. His wife, being a Christian, had talked to him over and over again to try to soften his heart and look to the Lord for comfort. In 1965 Charles’ had finally accepted the Lord into his life. His heart was finally softened and he had finally started to forgive the homeless. After fully accepting Christ into his life he became a “minister of the Gospel and Christian Youth Leader” (The Founder).

In 1989 Charles had started a foundation called the Mully  Children’s Family. This is an foundation that takes in homeless or struggling kids and mothers and help restore their lives. Their motto is “saving children’s lives.” MCF gives children education “at all levels” and  teaches them skills so they can go out and get a job some day. This organization now has over 12,000 children and mothers trying to get back onto their feet (The Founder).

I met Charles Mully after my freshman year of college in a best buy and he seemed like an ordinary man. Later on that summer I watched him present his project ideas at an event in Arlington, Texas. This is where I saw that this man had extraordinary dreams of changing the world and was determined to accomplish them. I have nothing, but high regards to this mans character.  Charles Mully Website


Charles Mully with one of his many beautiful children.

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