This is a shared blog for world literature classes taught by Carmen McCain at Westmont College–most frequently the Introduction to African Literature classes, but also classes on Postcolonial Literature, Women Writers, and so on. The title is inspired by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk “The Danger of a Single Story. (embedded below)” We will focus here on stories from around the world that challenge us to inhabit other perspectives and explore the lives and stories of significant figures of the global south. For an index of the people whose stories have been featured on this blog, see this page organized by continent and country.


Westmont literature students will present on the life stories of African public figures (for the African literature class) or the life and thought of theorists, writers, or artists (for upper level courses) and write short blog posts as follow up to their presentations. Through this blog, I hope students will not only learn new skills but will also contribute to knowledge about significant figures from around the world, both historical and contemporary figures. Since this is a public blog, I will expect your posts to be written well, fact-checked, properly cited, and presented in a professional manner.


Featured image credit: Detail (possibly self-portrait of the artist?) from a mural commissioned by Syl Williamson, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, for the walls of Syl’s Sporting Goods. The featured image on the blog header is also from the mural. Unfortunately, the mural has now been painted over by new owners. To see more images of the mural, click here. See www.ipetitions.com/petition/starlite/ or the Brooklynian for more details. If anyone knows the identity of the artist, please contact me so that I can give him or her proper credit.